Streetwise Special Delivery Inc.

Streetwise Special Delivery Inc.

About Us

About Us


 Streetwise Special Delivery, Inc. is a fast growing delivery company providing local courier service throughout the San Francisco, San Jose, and Monterey Bay Areas for more than 10 years; providing reliable messenger, delivery, and light trucking services.
Though based in Gilroy, CA, we have drivers standing by throughout the Bay Area and Northern California.

All of our drivers are background checked, certified & well trained who pride themselves on fast, courteous service, the best service possible.
Let us become your courier service company.

Streetwise provides local courier services throughout the San Francisco, San Jose, and Monterey Bay Areas.


CONCIERGE SERVICE : Specialized contracted driver service, we hand carry Worldwide


 Here is a new service for businesses or individuals who need a personal assistant with wheels and now wings. For a monthly fee you can have a suited driver on call 24/7 for deliveries. You will see the same person because he is your hired transporter.

Need docs hand carried by air? We can make it happen.
San Francisco to Los Angeles or Tokyo our couriers are ready 24/7. This brings new meaning to same day delivery. Great for companies that want an edge on the competition, or to handle an emergency.
Perfect, for people who want time to enjoy life to the fullest?
All drivers are screened, background checked and bonded. We only hire the best.  

About Us


RUSH RIDER :Same Day Courier Service

  Our RUSH RIDER delivery team is famous. These drivers deliver packages ,documents and small freight all over the Bay Area and beyond. These guys and gals know the roads well . They are our fastest drivers. And they can tell you many tales of there past missions.

You need a on demand pick up? they are standing by for you.


ROUTE RUNNER SERVICE : Scheduled Courier Service

 Streetwise Special Delivery, Inc. specializes in route courier service. If you have a business that needs regular pick ups and deliveries on a daily or weekly basis we can save you money with great rates and professional drivers you would be proud to call your own. All goods are tracked by GPS; whether it is documents between your company offices or light cargo to customers and clients, Streetwise Special Delivery, Inc. is there for you 24/7.  


MEDICAL COURIER SERVICE : Emergency, Scheduled Pickup & Delivery

 Blood Tissue and Specimen delivery is a serious matter when it comes to patient care as well as biotechnology research.
Streetwise Special Delivery, Inc. has the experience to handle time sensitive medical deliveries throughout the Bay Area 24/7. 


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